- Carry out a quick scan carbon footprint, - Provide a reader friendly report including: Carbon Footprint results of the company and measures to take
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Has been working worldwide on the carbon market from United Kingdom to China and Malaysia. Her key specialities include voluntary carbon market policies, carbon footprint calculation, advice small and medium enterprises in their energy consumption saving and greenhouse gases reduction.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Services (hotels, post mail company, ect)

Fields of practice:
Carbon Market, Voluntary Market, CDM/JI/VER

Management teams your interventions may concern:
International Management General Services

Types of interventions:
Carbon footprint calcultation, report writing, advice in measures to take and company to contact to implement energy consumption saving and carbon reduction

Training courses attended:

MSc Environmental Sciences


Led training courses:

Computer skills:


Some references:

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• Ability to implement projects under UNFCCC rules: compliance and voluntary carbon market,
• Strong research, market and business analytical skills,
• Solid organization skills and strong cross-cultural experience.
She is an associate of SQconsult BV. She holds a MSc in Environmental Sciences, with major in Climate Change science from the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK), where she supported the CNRS, the French National Centre For Scientifica Research, on “The Impact of the 2003 Drought on the Pinus sylvestris in the Mediterranean forest using the dendroclimatology” study.
Her long-term career in the climate change area and renewable energy sector among others includes being a Carbon Asset Development Consultant at the European consultancy firm Ecofys in The Netherlands and Spain where she leaded several Clean Development Mechanism projects in LatinAmerica and Africa. Forthermore, she originated CDM projects for small and large hydropower projects based in China and Vietnam for both a Chinese Non Governmental Organisation, named International Network on Small Hydro Power, and for an independent CDM project developer in Malaysia.

She works in sustainability, carbon asset management, renewable energy, climate change strategies and policies, and energy market analysis. She has a very thorough understanding of the compliance and voluntary carbon market throughout the whole project cycle to reach the ultimate objective of sustainable development.

2000 -2002 Biological Engineering- Environment Engineering, University of Aurillac
2002-2005 Bachelor of Sciences degree in Environmental Biology, Major in Environment Management and atmospheric pollution, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
2005 – 2006 Master of Environmental Sciences, Major in Climate Change research, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

French Mother tongue
English Fluent
Spanish Good
Dutch Basic knowledge
Chinese (Mandarin) Basic knowledge


2009- to present SQconsult BV,
SQconsult BV belongs to the Sustainable Quality holding SQholding BV. SQconsult is an international independent consultancy firm fully dedicated to support its clients in meeting the challenges of climate change, sustainability and energy transition. SQconsult provides expertise in the form of: strategic and regulatory advice, techno-economical analysis, policy evaluation, capacity- building and project management in the following areas (among others):

1. Renewable Energy: such as, but not limited to, wind, solar, bio-energy and hydro
2. Sustainability of bio-fuels and biomass
3. Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation
4. Carbon credits: CDM, JI and voluntary credits
5. Emissions trading: EU ETS and other systems
6. Energy efficiency: Industrials and Built environment
7. Rationalization of the use of conventional forms of energy (gas and power)
8. Decentralized generation

2009 dL Consulting, NL
Energy Market Analyst, Freelance
She collaborated in the creation of country profiles for a wind energy study, focusing on political, economic and legal framework conditions concerning the use of renewable energies in developing and emerging countries on a freelance basis. She created country profiles for Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa and Senegal for GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit).

2008- 2009 Ecofys International BV, Utrecht, The Netherlands/Ecofys Spain SL, Barcelona, Spain
CDM/JI Consultant, Strategy Department
Project leader for the development of a CDM project owned by OneCarbon aiming to substitute kerosene lanterns with solar systems in Tanzania. Suport the first stage development for a CDM project owned by UNEP consisting in Biogas recovery and electricity generation from effluents ponds in Honduras.
He main contributions were:
- Sustained the update of the Gold Standard version 2 manuals, a voluntary carbon standard,
- Supported clients to evaluate the carbon finance of a forestry project,
- Participated to the Conference of the Parties 14 in Poznan in December 2008 to generate leads,
- Assessed projected scenarios from different institutions such as Greenpeace to evaluate the future of renewable energies in order to draft an article.

2007 - 2008 KYOTOenergy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CDM project executive
Expert in Hydropower energy. Her main contributions were:
- Development of the initial steps for 10 Hydro CDM projects based in Vietnam from the initial visit to the stakeholder consultations,
- Draft the Project Initial Note and Project Design Document questionnaires submitted to project owners to collect data,
- Analysis the potential barriers and Internal Rate of Return to develop the additionality part. Implemented the stakeholders consultation preparation,
- Presentation of “Market Potential For Small Hydropower in South East Asia” during the “Carbon Credits and Sustainable Development” seminar in Singapore.

2006 - 2007 International Networks on Small Hydro Power-UNITED NATIONS organization, Hangzhou, China
Project Officer
Responsible for the development of three CDM Project Design Documents for small and large hydropower projects based in China. She defined the additionality and sustainable development criteria as well as carried out the emission reduction calculation. Hold the interpretor/translator role for a Small hydropower Workshop for Francofone countries from Africa.

2003 – 2004 ENVIRONMENT AGENCY, Nottingham, UK
Ecological Appraisal and Biodiversity Assistant
Assess ecological, biodiversity and chemical level of all Midlands region rivers. Maintain database. Responsible for the study of Lathkill river in the Debyshire region of United Kingdom.

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